Music Classes

I offer students interested in pursuing the graded levels, the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto (RCM) syllabus of examinations.  Otherwise, lessons may include anything from contemporary popular music, the classics, rock, and jazz.

I generally include musical theory as well, as I believe the student must be familiar with all the musical elements to understand fully the performance and production of music, either for leisure, or in preparation for an examination.

Music is made up of twelve semi-tone pitches. Tunes are combinations of these tones and semi-tones in patterns within a formal structure. We know one of these as the seven-note scale.  These are notated on either a space or a line within what we call a Staff, or Staves.


The “D” is here.
The Middle “C” occupies this space.
The “B” is here.


 Going up or down these lines and spaces is compared to negotiating a flight of stairs. Hence, the use of the term “Scales” from “Scala”, or “stairs”. Recognising these patterns, and translating them into musical performance engages both sides of the brain, the emotions, the body, and the fingers. My classes are generally half-an-hour for beginners, stretching to 45 minutes to one hour, as the student advances up the Grade levels.

For information on the fee structure, and class policy, please contact me.